Melbourne Graffiti and other cool stuff


92-93? Den one


Early 90’s..

Another one from the archives…93..

Cool “LEE” interview..

93-94 Steel…


Swan Auctions x2 -(Platform) – Reach, Jayme, Dens, Naste, Paste – (Flame) Naste, Reach, Dens

Swan Auctions 2001 – Naste, Reach, Dens

“Writers Bench” 30 years of Melbourne Graffiti

WCA Reunion 2011…

Reach Naser Dens


Some more early 90’s steel from the archives

Higher, Syntacks, Stats

Reach (missing pic), Duane (VIM), Hostile, Death

Wild Child Arts

Early 2000’s

Star Wars – Acre, Jayme, Reach, Dens, Higher, Naste

Jimi Hendricks – Skorn, Naste

Little Devils – Higher, Glymps, Dens, Jayme

Some old early 90’s steel…

Synts, Death, Stats, Duane (VIM) ..Missing pic

Bnt (Missing Pic), Asiph, Sints, Azure


Stats, Denym, Death


Some old productions I found with travelers..

Den, Nosm, How, Reach 1999

Loomit, Den – 1997?

Jayme, Can 2, Atom, Naste, Wow, Shime, Dens, Reach – 2003

Aotearoa Festival – New Zealand – Pest 5, Can 2, Seak, Daim, ?, Dens, Naste, Reach, Askew, Askew (Kab and Puzle) –  20001

A couple more oldies…

Reach Dens Naste 2001

Dens Naste

See No Evil – Bristol 2011

Bristol has just hosted the biggest out door graffiti event in Europe and the UK’s history called “See No Evil”. It has transformed one of the streets there into an amazing gallery with some huge pieces and murals adorning the walls of one of its streets. Organised by “Inkie”  and “Team Love” from the UK it has brought street artists over from around the world to paint with some of the UK’s finest. Artists like TAT’s crew Aryz, El Mac, Inkie, Mr Wany, Shoe and many more…

R.I.P Kase 2

Hip Hop mourns the loss of one of its founding pioneers, Jeffery “KING KASE 2” Brown. Kase 2, as he was also referred to, was known as the “King Of Style” in the world of graffiti art. Featured in the classic Hip Hop documentary Style Wars, Kase 2 will be forever remembered for his elaborate artwork and overwhelming confidence in his abilities. A true legend in the NY Grafitti and Hip Hop world. 

Some old ones I found on the net..

Puzle, Mistery (NZ), Askew (NZ), Naste, Loomit, Dens, Opto (NZ), Reach.. Circa 2000

Weird freestyle 97?

Skater 02?

Style Wars Outtakes: DONDI CIA

KRS 1 – Dedication Wall

Cool Dedeication wall to KRS 1 – Obe, Dvate, Peril, Paris

New freestyle canvases

Scraps window down with Blade and crew pt2

Soul, Kasino, Blade, Dens, Ocupy.

Scraps wholecar with Blade (NYC) Joinup..

The joinup of the rest of the car Soul (Qld), Duel, Blade (NYC), Kasino (Qld), Dens, Peril. Outlines by Blade. Thanks Dvate for the joinup! Check out his web site

Little Devil.. 2004?

Scorn Jungle 2001?

WCA RAL – World wall detail – 1999

Detail From WCA RAL – Wold wall with How, Nosm, Dens, Reach, Jayme, Higher

“The Formula” Tape cover for oz hip hop compilation 1999

Graphics for “The Formula – PBS FM –  Volume 1”  A tape Compilation of Oz Hip hop Mc’s live on the “Formula” Radio show by Bias B and Stewbakka from 1996 -1999. The Brought out on Wild Child Productions 1999

Flyers from old exhibitions…

“Strange Addictions” Hogans Gallery around 2004? Flyer by Phibs

“Above Ground” The Lounge 2003

“Bits & Pieces”  Bright Space Gallery 2005 – Flyer by Dskyz

“Underground Sound – Hip Hop Festival – Wallstars”  Prahran Carpark 2002

“Aerosol”  Revlover 2002? – Character by Jme

“On The Wall”  Aceess Gallery – National Gallery of Victoria 1997 – “Azyph” piece by Dids

Some old flyers I dug out of old exhibitions myself and crew were in..

Jackie Chan – “Mr Nice Guy” 1996

Nokia Asian advertising campaign 2003

Dens 2003?

Some more ol’ Wca and friends productions – Late 90’s – Early 2000’s

Reach, Shime, Den, Dash, Jayme

Brick, Reach, Ocupy, Taksy, Unique, Shime (Character), Dens, Naste, Acre, Smue

Dens, reach, Naste

Obe, Dens, Pho

Acre, Jme, Reach, Dens, Naste, Higher

Naste, Dens, Reach

Rush One – New Blog

Check out Melbourne Style mack “Rush One’s” New Blog… Rush One

Blackbook 2011

Trying out my new copic markers….

A couple of New Canvases….

Tag Heuer Party Job.. Early 2000’s

Part of a quick job for Tag Heuer for their promotional party for Juan Pablo Montoya when he joined their Formula 1 Team. Got asked in the afternoon and had to prime all the walls as it was all raw plasterboard and paint it that night for the party next day. Quite funny as I had to teach Montoya how to use spray so he could do a live tag/signature for the party….

A couple of old scorn’s.. Late 90’s

Scorn – Part of the rooms with Reach and Naste

Scorn – mid to late 90’s – bit of a shadowy pic

Scorn 99

Not sure what year this is maybe early to mid 90’s.. should put dates on I guess

4 Seasons wall… Early or Mid 90’s

Loomit, Reach, Denim, Gor (FBI) – Bad pics

Flame wall…2000?

Reach, Naste, Dens

Old bedford van graphics..

some more early 2000 Wca productions

The Hip hop tribute wall – Jme, Reach, Naste, Dens

Dens, Reach, Naste

Naste, Sel (Amsterdam), Dens

The Alphabet Study… 2011

Pencil and Ink on paper..

More hitachi scraps yard 2004…

2001 Wca Gaudi tribute production..

Reach, Dens, Naste, Puzle

Old canvases..

Richmond Station commission.. 2005

In 2005 Reach and I were commissioned to paint a mural for Richmond station spanning 50m x 2.5m relating to the area and for the commonwealth games that were upcoming… This my half of the mural.. The day we after finished somone capped it all the way along with chrome fat caps before we got flicks so had to fix and redo most of it…. been there ever since though..

2002.. Hip hop Graff jam..

Piece for Graff, Hip Hop jam in prahran carpark 2002. Can’t remember the nam of the jam…

Car Graphics