Melbourne Graffiti and other cool stuff


92-93? Den one


Early 90’s..

Another one from the archives…93..

93-94 Steel…

Some more early 90’s steel from the archives

Higher, Syntacks, Stats

Reach (missing pic), Duane (VIM), Hostile, Death

Wild Child Arts

Some old early 90’s steel…

Synts, Death, Stats, Duane (VIM) ..Missing pic

Bnt (Missing Pic), Asiph, Sints, Azure


Stats, Denym, Death

R.I.P Kase 2

Hip Hop mourns the loss of one of its founding pioneers, Jeffery “KING KASE 2” Brown. Kase 2, as he was also referred to, was known as the “King Of Style” in the world of graffiti art. Featured in the classic Hip Hop documentary Style Wars, Kase 2 will be forever remembered for his elaborate artwork and overwhelming confidence in his abilities. A true legend in the NY Grafitti and Hip Hop world. 

Scraps window down with Blade and crew pt2

Soul, Kasino, Blade, Dens, Ocupy.

Scraps wholecar with Blade (NYC) Joinup..

The joinup of the rest of the car Soul (Qld), Duel, Blade (NYC), Kasino (Qld), Dens, Peril. Outlines by Blade. Thanks Dvate for the joinup! Check out his web site

More hitachi scraps yard 2004…

Dens by Blade

Dens – Outline by Blade (NYC) – Been Slashed… Part of a scrap yard wholecar with Kasino, Soul, Blade, Deuel and Peril.

Can’t find the pics of the rest of it unfortunately..

More hitachi scraps

Detail of scrap yard wholecar

Obe, Dens, Naste, Reach (Sorry really bad join up)

Hitachi Scrap yard…

Scrapyard whole car with some oldschool kings – Duel, Dens, Pest

King of the Jungle – Den, Obe

NYC Old school King Blade and Dens – Part of a window down with Kasino, Soul, Ocupy

D One, Ocupy, Pest, Duel